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Hey there! My name is Megan and I am the creator of the Whisking Witch! I am a Canadian girl from Toronto who grew up with a love for cooking. Throughout my schooling, I have had the opportunity to live in quite a few places, Mississauga, Ottawa, Halifax, France and now Montréal. One big difficulty I have found from moving around a bunch is that you are always having to make new friends. Luckily, I have found that no matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, EVERYONE loves a good meal. 

I have met so many people who think that being a good cook is a talent, that there is some kind of secret that no one tells you. I am here to say that this just isn’t true! Great cooks don’t have talent, they have skill. Cooking takes hard work, time and practice people! I am personally still learning and practicing to become a better cook every day. I started this blog as a way to share the game-changing skills and techniques that will make your food taste better, look prettier and take less time to make. It’s time to pull back the curtain on kitchen magic and learn the basic skills to become a good cook. 

Food is so much more than eating, it is about bringing people together. I started this blog not only as a way to share my culinary passion, but to teach others the basic skills they need to bring magic into their meals. 

You will find my recipes and stories include a lot of personal tips I have picked up from trial and error, if you decide to make one of my recipes and have any suggestions to make it better, don’t hesitate to email me, the best cooks never stop learning.

Whisk on,


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